Just having a website isn't enough as the digital age has advanced.

You need a well designed and thought out web presence. Increasingly customers are turning to the internet when choosing a business rather than the phone book. A poorly designed website can hurt instead of help your business. Let us design your next or new web site.

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Web Design

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We can build you a well designed, customized web presence using the latest web 2.0 techniques such as the one you are viewing now. We use Joomla! (a content management system) as the backend framework to build the site which reduces development time, can be updated easily without extensive programming knowledge, and allows the addition of new features quickly.

In addition we can assist in registering your domain name and setting up web hosting services. And unlike many web design services, the website address and hosting site will be registered in your name so you are free to choose whomever you like in the future to develop and host your website.

A Word about Search Engine Optimization:

We also will provide basic SEO for your website and set up  / or manage  a Google Adwords account if you wish. Beware of anyone that promises you they can quickly have your web site ranked highly on search engines. No one can do that. Your ranking is a combination of how many other sites link to you, length of time on the web, relevance and quality of content, how many unique visitors you have and hundreds of other factors. Search Engine Optimization is definitely important but a high ranking only comes over time and with consistently working to increase the popularity and content of your web site.


  • Low cost
  • Open 24/7/365
  • Can be updated anytime easily
  • Increasingly more people are looking for businesses online than the phone book
  • Collect email addresses and visitor information for future marketing campaigns
  • Plenty of space to get your message across
  • Easy for customers to share your email address and web address with friends
  • Spend less time answering questions about your business on the phone
  • Can track visitors with Google Analytics
  • With Google Adwords, you control the marketing costs.